Membership Applications:

Potential Members must meet a certain standard and complete the tasks detailed in this bylaw prior to being accepted for membership into Defenders Chapter 10. 


Sponsors should present the applicants to the Chapter members at the first meeting they attend, speak of their character and why the applicant could be considered for Membership.

Ordinary Membership; the applicant must be sponsored by two (2) Regular

Members in Good Standing as per article 3.03 of the Charter.

Regular Membership; a sponsor should present the applicant to the Membership; however the Regular Member applicant may do the introduction on his own behalf.

Submission of Application:

 Once introduced to the membership, the guest may then submit an application for membership which will begin the process as outlined below.

Sponsors are responsible to the President for their guests until their membership is either granted/denied. They may also be required to relay any concerns to the applicant that may be brought forward from the Executive or Road Captains.

Tasks: – the applicant must perform/complete the following tasks:

1         Attend a minimum of 3 events (the first of which must be a monthly meeting so they may be introduced to the membership). The other two events may be Club activities involving the Veterans, Legion or Chapter Functions. They must volunteer to help out with a minimum of one of these events.

2         Complete an orientation ride with one of the Chapter Road Captains to safely determine their riding habits and skill level. See note 1

3         Participate in at least two Defenders group rides. They may be our weekly night, organized weekend or any of the poker rides attended by the Defenders throughout the year.


1. The orientation ride will aide in deciding if the applicant is ready for large group rides or if a smaller group would be more suitable until he/she has the skills and is comfortable riding in a large group. An Applicant will not be denied membership due to a lack of riding experience

2.        The President may waive any of the above requirements on a case by case basis.

Executive Meeting:

Once the criterion for Membership has been completed; the applicant will then meet with the President and Vice President of Chapter 10 to discuss the charter, bylaws and goals of the Chapter. He/she will be asked what they will add to the club and what they expect to gain or accomplish from being a member of Chapter 10. Should either the President or Vice not be available, another member of the Executive will be present.

Announcement of Pending Applications:

The President will send an email to the membership announcing the cresting of the applicant at the next monthly meeting. The membership should forward any information to the President with respect to the applicant’s suitability for membership at least 48 hours prior to the next monthly meeting.


The candidates are presented with their crests at a monthly meeting